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Encore Dance Center

About The Team

Encore Dance Team is an elite group of dancers that want to take their dancing to the next level and who express a strong commitment to dancing and performing. We believe that each dancer on our team has something special and unique to offer, and that in encouraging each member’s individuality, we become stronger and better as a team.  Students either audition or are evaluated in class and invited to join the team if an instructor believes they are ready.

Encore Dance Team participates in 4 - 6 regional competitions a year, both local and out-of-town. In addition, every other year our team participates in a Nationals competition out-of-state. We strive to give our dancers many opportunities to succeed while at the same time keeping costs as low and easy to manage as possible. In order to do this, we have a fundraising program in place for our team that helps to cover competition and travel costs. We believe every dancer should have the opportunity to pursue their dream.

Our Team is nationally known for numerous choreography awards, title winners, and overall achievements.  We were most recently featured in The Competitive Advantage Magazine recognizing our ADCC win.