​​Kiana Lakin

Hannah Labocki

Kayla Ornt

Sub: Kaitlin Critides

Sub: Lexi Tabor

Sub: Danielle Martinez

Sub: Madisyn Littlejohn

Trainees & Assistants
Liliana Couture
Reyna Wolfe

Mia Casey​

​Karen Voloudakis

​Nerissa Tidmore

​​Frankie Campos​

Office Staff
Office Manager- Tami Morse
President & Business Manager and Co-Owner- Bobby Holland
Marketer/Event Planner- Jaime Popard
Owner & Company Director- Diane Holland
Marketing & Recreational Studio Director- Jaime Popard
Company Billing- Savanna Ruis

Office Support- Marilynn Scappatura

Isabella Henriquez

​Madison Barboza​

Annalee Barton

​Viktoria Kriewaldt

​Kira Lakin

Riley Daniels

Encore Dance Center

Our volunteer Trainee Program  is made up of dedicated dancers in levels IIIB, IV and V of our competition team, ages 12 and up, who want to learn to become assistant instructors and dance instructors.  If you are interested in becoming a trainee, please email Miss Jaime at dance@encoredancecenter.com for consideration. 

Additional Staff

Luke Moen

​Elle Clark​

Cayley Mc Reynolds

Mackenzie Walsh

Emma Jones

​Marlee Hancock