Hampton, VA


Jr. Mr. Starpower- Frankie Campos
Beauty & Grace- Stitches
Cool As Ice- Primpin’ Ain’t Easy- Darren McClellen
Simply Captivating-Rainbow- Grace Hewlett
Fabulous Fluidity- Find A Place
Choreography- Just Can’t Wait to Be King- Katie Flint
Choreography- Heaven I Know- Allison Dubreiul 
Most Photogenic- Jade Kelly-Carter
Star Dance Alliance Champions Highest Score 11 & Under Grand Line-Addams Family
Highest Scoring Tap Solo- Anastazja Kubajek- Summertime
Exquisite Lines- Heaven I Know
Entertainment- Elvis
Powerful Performance- Leave The Light On

Power Pack Scholarship- Emma Wynkoop, Frankie Campos, Luke Moen
Tap United Scholarship- Anastazja Kubajek- Summertime

Kira Lakin, Hannah Labocki, Marlee Hancock, Frankie Campos, Sam Barboza, Emma Wynkoop, Jade Kelly-Carter, Lexi Tabor, Luke Moen, Anastazja Kubajek

Banana Split for My Baby, A Dream Is A Wish, Throwback Love, Stitches, Addams Family, Elvis, Heaven I Know, Someone In The Crowd

Petite Intermediate Solo
2nd- Kira Lakin- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That

Petite Novice Duo
4th- Teach Me How To Shimmy
6th- Broadway Baby

Petite Intermediate Duo/Trio
3rd- Pencil Full of Lead

Petite Novice Small Group
3rd- Banana Split For My Baby
4th- Good Vibrations

Petite Intermediate Large Group
3rd- A Dream Is A Wish

Junior Advanced Solo
3rd- Frankie Campos- I Want You Back
9th- Marlee Hancock-

Junior Novice Duo/Trio
1st- Shake The Room 

Junior Intermediate Duo/Trio
3rd- Sticks & Stones

Junior Advanced Duo/Trio
4th- Down With Love
5th- It Don’t Mean A Thing
6th- Weird People
8th- Stand By Me
9th- Fly Gurls

Junior Intermediate Small Group
6th- Throwback Love

Junior Advanced Small Group
5th- Dirty Jazz
6th- Limitless Love
7th- Rhythm

Junior Advanced Large Group
1st- Stitches
2nd- Can’t Wait to be King
3rd- Runaway Baby
4th- Lay Your Head On Me
5th- Sing

11 & Under Grand Line 
1st- Addams Family 

Teen Advanced Solo
10th- Jordan Simonelli- Baby, You Make Me Crazy

Teen Intermediate Duo/Trio
3rd- Eyes on Fire

Teen Advanced Duo/Trio
3rd- Happy
7th- Happy Days Are Here Again

Teen Advanced Small Group
9th- Fly

Teen Advanced Large Group
1st- Holy Moses
3rd- Leave the Light On

Senior Advanced Solo
7th- Anastazja Kubajek- Summertime

Senior Advanced Duo/Trio
3rd- Find A Place
6th- Thunder
7th- Put It Down
8th- Hit The Road Jack

Senior Advanced Small Group
2nd-Heaven I Know
8th- Someone In The Crowd
10th-History Repeating

12 & Over Grand Line 
2nd- Elvis

On Point Competition 2019
Norfolk, VA

Mr. Junior On Point- Frankie Campos- I Want You Back
Miss Junior On Point-Abigail Wynegar- Forever Young
Miss Teen On Point-Samantha Barboza-Shallows
Senior Miss Teen On Point Runner Ups- Emma Wynkoop and Jade Kelly Carter

Fabulous Footwork- “Rhythm”
Beauty & Grace- “Fly”
Smooth & Style- “Feelin’ Good”- Grace Galvez
Awesome Elevation- “Word Up”
Sugar & Spice- “I Got You”- Anastazja Kubajek
Top Tap- “Hit The Road Jack Remix”
Creative Choreography-“Thunder”-Jaime Popard
Entertainment Award-“Limitless Love”

Intermediate Mini Duo/Trio
1st- Broadway Baby

Intermediate Petite Solo
3rd- I Do- Reyna Wolfe

Advanced Petite Solo
5th- TIE- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That- Kira Lakin & One Jump- Hannah Labocki

Intermediate Petite Duo/Trio
5th- Sticks & Stones

Advanced Petite Duo/Trio
2nd-Pencil Full of Lead

Intermediate Petite Small Group
1st-Throwback Love
3rd-Banana Split For My Baby
4th-Good Vibrations

Intermediate Petite Large Group
2nd- A Dream Is A Wish

Advanced Petite Small Group

Intermediate Junior Solo
2nd- Call Me A Princess- Paris Ortiz
3rd-Hooray for Love-Mirabella Caro

Intermediate Junior Duo/Trio
2nd- Eyes On Fire

Advanced Junior Duo/Trio
5th-Down With Love
8th-TIE- It Don’t Mean A Thing and Flyy Girlz
10th-Stand By Me

Advanced Junior Small Group
4th-Limitless Love

Advanced Junior Large Group
5th-Just Can’t Wait to be King

Advanced Teen Solo
6th-I Got You- Anastazja Kubajek
8th-Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor

Advanced Teen Duo/Trio
1st-Find A Place
2nd-Hey Mami
3rd-Hit The Road Jack

Advanced Small Group Teen
6th-Heaven I Know
7th-What Do I Know
10th-History Repeating

Advanced Teen Production
5th-The Addams Family

Advanced Senior Solo
4th-Feelin’ Good- Grace Galvez
7th-Hurricane-Emma Wynkoop
8th-Never Tear Us Apart-Jade Kelly-Carter



12 & Under Intermediate
2nd- Throwback Love
3rd-Good Vibrations

12 & Under Advanced 
2nd-Dirty Jazz

13 & Over Advanced
1st-What Do I Know


Onstage America
Norfolk, VA

Class Act- Encore Dance Center
Cruise Winner- Encore Dance Center
Enchanting- A Dream Is A Wish
Perfect Mix & Match- Thunder
Absolutely Beautiful-Samantha Barboza-Shallows
Magical Moments- Mia Casey- What I Did For Love
Art In Motion-Work of Art

Frankie Campos- 1stRunner Up Mr. Junior On Stage

Darren McClellen-2ndRunner Up Mr. Teen Onstage
Grace Galvez- 3rdRunner Up Miss Senior On Stage  
Mia Casey
Josh Holland
Luke Moen
Cayden Kelly-Carter
Jade Kelly-Carter
Samantha Barboza

Novice Petite Small Group
3rd-Banana Split For My Baby
5th-Good Vibrations

Intermediate Petite Solo
1st-Kira Lakin- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That

Intermediate Petite Duo/Trio
1st-Pencil Full of Lead
2nd-Broadway Baby
3rd-Teach Me How To Shimmy

Intermediate Petite Large Group
3rd-A Dream Is A Wish

Advanced Junior Solo
6th- Mia Casey-What I Did For Love

Intermediate Junior Duo/Trio
3rd-Eyes on Fire
6th-Sticks and Stones
10th-Shake The Room

Intermediate Junior Small Group
7th-Throwback Love

Intermediate Junior Production
3rd-Addams Family

Advanced Junior Duo/Trio
4th-Down With Love

Advanced Junior Small Group

Advanced Junior Large Group
6th-Just Can’t Wait to Be King
10th-Runaway Baby

Advanced Teen Solo
1st-Samantha Barboza-Shallows
9th-Josh Holland- The Janitor

Advanced Teen Duo/Trio
1st- Find A Place
3rd-Put It Down
8th- Happy Days Are Here Again
9th-Hit The Road Jack

Advanced Teen Small Group
5th-What Do I Know
10th-History Repeating

Advanced Teen Large Group
5th-Leave The Light On
8th-Holy Moses

Advanced Teen Production

Advanced Senior Solo
5th-Jade Kelly-Carter-Grow
8th-Grace Galvez-Feelin’ Good

Advanced Senior Small Group
7th-Heaven I Know
10th-A Change Is Gonna Come




Encore Dance Center

Atlantic City, NJ


2019 Competition Results

2019 Competition Results

Fusion National Dance Competition
Norfolk, VA
Our Optional Competition for Solos, Duos, and Trios only


Junior Mr. Fusion- Frankie Campos
Teen Miss Fusion 1stRunner Up- Lexi Tabor
Senior Miss Fusion-1stRunner Up- Samantha Barboza
Senior Miss Fusion-2ndRunner Up- Jade Kelly-Carter

DancerPalooza- I Want You Back- Frankie Campos
Hollywood Summer Tour- Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor
Discovery Spotlight- Shallows- Samantha Barboza

Disney Dreams- One Jump- Hannah Labocki
Creative Artist Choreography-Thunder- Jaime Popard

Fusion Stars
What I Did For Love- Mia Casey
I Want You Back- Frankie Campos
Wonderland- Kiana Lakin
Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That-Kira Lakin
Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor
Trafficking- Samantha Barboza
Never Tear Us Apart- Jade Kelly-Carter

Recreational Petite Duo/Trio
2nd- Broadway Baby

Elite Junior Solo
3rd- I Want You Back- Frankie Campos
5th- Wonderland- Kiana Lakin
6th- Willow- Ainsleigh Wiggins

Elite Junior Duo/Trio
3rd- It Don’t Mean A Thing

Elite Teen Solo
12th- Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor

Intermediate Teen Duo/Trio
3rd- Eyes On Fire

Elite Teen Duo/Trio
1st- Happy
10th- The Purge

Elite Senior Duo/Trio
1st- Find A Place
6th- Thunder

Elite Senior Solo
6th- Trafficking- Samantha Barboza

Headliners Dance Championships
Woodbridge, VA

Student Choreography- Josh Holland-The Purge
Innovative Choreography-Katie Flint- De-Escalating The Storm
Sophisticated Style- Holy Moses
The Feel Good Award - Mia Casey- What I Did For Love
Magical Moments In Time- Stand By Me
Presence and Energy- Word Up
Patience in Precision- Kira Lakin-Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That
Teamwork Award- I Just Can’t Wait to be King
Calm, Cool, and Collected- Tori Cheyenne- Uphill Battle
Super Sassy Pizazz- Lexi Tabor- Baby Girl

Child Intermediate Solo
3rd- I Do- Reyna Wolfe
5th- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That- Kira Lakin

Child Intermediate Duo/Trio
1st- Pencil Full of Lead
3rd- Sticks and Stones

Child Intermediate Small Group
4th- Throwback Love

Child Competitive Small Group
4th- Rhythm

Child Intermediate Large Group
2nd- A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Junior Intermediate Solo
2nd- Call Me A Princess- Paris Ortiz

Junior Intermediate Duo/Trio
5th- Eyes On Fire

Junior Competitive Large Group
5th- Stitches

Teen Competitive Solo
6th- Shallows- Samantha Barboza
7th- Summertime- Anastazja Kubajek
8th-Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor
9th- Uphill Battle- Tori Cheyenne

Teen Competitive Duo/Trio
3rd- Find A Place
8th-Happy Days Are Here Again

Teen Competitive Small Group
7th- Heaven I Know

Teen Competitive Large Group
2nd- Leave The Light On
5th- Holy Moses
7th- De-Escalating the Storm

Teen Class Competitive

Senior Competitive Solo
10th- Grow- Jade Kelly Carter

Portsmouth, VA

Steller Success Award- Encore Dance Center
Vicki Sheer Award- Frankie Campos
Choreography- Limitless Love- Chris Houston
Steller Success Award- Encore Dance Center
Fantastic Technique- Thunder
On Point Award- Heist
Exceeding Expectations- Hit The Road Jack
Control & Strength & Standing Ovation- Find A Place
Dazzling Smile- Brooke Petronis- Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
Powerhouse & Wow-Frankie Campos- I Want You Back
Fabulous Extensions- Samantha Barboza- Shallows
Shine Like A Diamond- Anastazja Kubajek- I Got You
First Class Entertainer- Cayden Kelly-Carter- Chain Hang Low
Reaching for The Stars- Rock The Mic
Sass & Class- Holy Moses

Jazz- Down With Love
Modern- De-Escalating The Storm
Hip Hop-Put It Down
Specialty- Thunder
Tap- Happy

½ SCHOLARSHIPS- Sam Barboza, Luke Moen, Frankie Campos
¼ SCHOLARSHIPS-Cayden Kelly-Carter, Bella Henriquez, Emma Wynkoop, Jade Kelly-Carter, Kaitlin Critides, Kiana Lakin, Lexi Tabor, Rosie Nelson, Grace Hewlett

Small Wonder Solo
2nd- Why Cant You Dance With Me Like That- Kira Lakin

Small Wonder Duo
1st- Pencil Full of Lead
2nd- Broadway Baby
3rd- Teach Me How To Shimmy

Small Wonder Small Group
1st- Banana Split for My Baby
2nd-Good Vibrations

Small Wonder Large Group
1st- A Dream Is A Wish

Junior Solo
1st- I Want You Back- Frankie Campos
2nd-Call Me A Princess- Paris Ortiz
4th- Rainbow- Grace Hewlett
5th- Wonderland- Kiana Lakin

Junior Duo
1st- Down With Love
2nd- Sticks and Stones
3rd- Weird People
5th- Stand By Me

Junior Trio
1st- Shake The Room

Junior Small Group
1st- Limitless Love
2nd- Rhythm

Pre-Teen Solo
3rd- Forever Young- Abigail Wynegar
4th-The Golden Touch- Emma Jones

Pre-Teen Duo
3rd- Witches
4th-Fly Girls

Pre-Teen Trio
2nd- It Don’t Mean A Thing
3rd- Eyes On Fire

Pre-Teen Small Group
3rd- Tell Him
4th- Dirty Jazz
6th- Word Up

Pre-Teen Large Group
1st- Stitches
4th- Runaway Baby
5th-TIE- Sing & Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Teen Solo
2nd- Shallows- Samantha Barboza
3rd- Primpin’ Aint Easy- Darren McClellan
5th-TIE- The Janitor- Josh Holland
5th-TIE- Summertime- Anastazja Kubajek

Teen Duo
1st- Put It Down
2nd- Thunder
4th- Hey Mami
5th- Hit The Road Jack Remix

Teen Trio
1st- Happy
2nd- Find A Place
3rd- The Purge

Teen Group
2nd-Heaven I Know
5th- Fly

Teen Large Group
2nd-Leave The Light On
3rd- Holy Moses
4th- Rock The Mic
5th- De-escalating the Storm

Senior Solo
3rd- Grow- Jade Kelly-Carter
4th- Never Tear Us Apart- Jade Kelly-Carter

13 & Over Production
1st- The Addams Family
2nd- Elvis