Onstage America
Norfolk, VA

Class Act- Encore Dance Center
Cruise Winner- Encore Dance Center
Enchanting- A Dream Is A Wish
Perfect Mix & Match- Thunder
Absolutely Beautiful-Samantha Barboza-Shallows
Magical Moments- Mia Casey- What I Did For Love
Art In Motion-Work of Art

Frankie Campos- 1stRunner Up Mr. Junior On Stage

Darren McClellen-2ndRunner Up Mr. Teen Onstage
Grace Galvez- 3rdRunner Up Miss Senior On Stage  
Mia Casey
Josh Holland
Luke Moen
Cayden Kelly-Carter
Jade Kelly-Carter
Samantha Barboza

Novice Petite Small Group
3rd-Banana Split For My Baby
5th-Good Vibrations

Intermediate Petite Solo
1st-Kira Lakin- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That

Intermediate Petite Duo/Trio
1st-Pencil Full of Lead
2nd-Broadway Baby
3rd-Teach Me How To Shimmy

Intermediate Petite Large Group
3rd-A Dream Is A Wish

Advanced Junior Solo
6th- Mia Casey-What I Did For Love

Intermediate Junior Duo/Trio
3rd-Eyes on Fire
6th-Sticks and Stones
10th-Shake The Room

Intermediate Junior Small Group
7th-Throwback Love

Intermediate Junior Production
3rd-Addams Family

Advanced Junior Duo/Trio
4th-Down With Love

Advanced Junior Small Group

Advanced Junior Large Group
6th-Just Can’t Wait to Be King
10th-Runaway Baby

Advanced Teen Solo
1st-Samantha Barboza-Shallows
9th-Josh Holland- The Janitor

Advanced Teen Duo/Trio
1st- Find A Place
3rd-Put It Down
8th- Happy Days Are Here Again
9th-Hit The Road Jack

Advanced Teen Small Group
5th-What Do I Know
10th-History Repeating

Advanced Teen Large Group
5th-Leave The Light On
8th-Holy Moses

Advanced Teen Production

Advanced Senior Solo
5th-Jade Kelly-Carter-Grow
8th-Grace Galvez-Feelin’ Good

Advanced Senior Small Group
7th-Heaven I Know
10th-A Change Is Gonna Come



On Point Competition 2019
Norfolk, VA

Mr. Junior On Point- Frankie Campos- I Want You Back
Miss Junior On Point-Abigail Wynegar- Forever Young
Miss Teen On Point-Samantha Barboza-Shallows
Senior Miss Teen On Point Runner Ups- Emma Wynkoop and Jade Kelly Carter

Fabulous Footwork- “Rhythm”
Beauty & Grace- “Fly”
Smooth & Style- “Feelin’ Good”- Grace Galvez
Awesome Elevation- “Word Up”
Sugar & Spice- “I Got You”- Anastazja Kubajek
Top Tap- “Hit The Road Jack Remix”
Creative Choreography-“Thunder”-Jaime Popard
Entertainment Award-“Limitless Love”

Intermediate Mini Duo/Trio
1st- Broadway Baby

Intermediate Petite Solo
3rd- I Do- Reyna Wolfe

Advanced Petite Solo
5th- TIE- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That- Kira Lakin & One Jump- Hannah Labocki

Intermediate Petite Duo/Trio
5th- Sticks & Stones

Advanced Petite Duo/Trio
2nd-Pencil Full of Lead

Intermediate Petite Small Group
1st-Throwback Love
3rd-Banana Split For My Baby
4th-Good Vibrations

Intermediate Petite Large Group
2nd- A Dream Is A Wish

Advanced Petite Small Group

Intermediate Junior Solo
2nd- Call Me A Princess- Paris Ortiz
3rd-Hooray for Love-Mirabella Caro

Intermediate Junior Duo/Trio
2nd- Eyes On Fire

Advanced Junior Duo/Trio
5th-Down With Love
8th-TIE- It Don’t Mean A Thing and Flyy Girlz
10th-Stand By Me

Advanced Junior Small Group
4th-Limitless Love

Advanced Junior Large Group
5th-Just Can’t Wait to be King

Advanced Teen Solo
6th-I Got You- Anastazja Kubajek
8th-Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor

Advanced Teen Duo/Trio
1st-Find A Place
2nd-Hey Mami
3rd-Hit The Road Jack

Advanced Small Group Teen
6th-Heaven I Know
7th-What Do I Know
10th-History Repeating

Advanced Teen Production
5th-The Addams Family

Advanced Senior Solo
4th-Feelin’ Good- Grace Galvez
7th-Hurricane-Emma Wynkoop
8th-Never Tear Us Apart-Jade Kelly-Carter



12 & Under Intermediate
2nd- Throwback Love
3rd-Good Vibrations

12 & Under Advanced 
2nd-Dirty Jazz

13 & Over Advanced
1st-What Do I Know


2019 Competition Results


Encore Dance Center

2019 Competition Results

Headliners Dance Championships
Woodbridge, VA

Student Choreography- Josh Holland-The Purge
Innovative Choreography-Katie Flint- De-Escalating The Storm
Sophisticated Style- Holy Moses
The Feel Good Award - Mia Casey- What I Did For Love
Magical Moments In Time- Stand By Me
Presence and Energy- Word Up
Patience in Precision- Kira Lakin-Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That
Teamwork Award- I Just Can’t Wait to be King
Calm, Cool, and Collected- Tori Cheyenne- Uphill Battle
Super Sassy Pizazz- Lexi Tabor- Baby Girl

Child Intermediate Solo
3rd- I Do- Reyna Wolfe
5th- Why Can’t You Dance With Me Like That- Kira Lakin

Child Intermediate Duo/Trio
1st- Pencil Full of Lead
3rd- Sticks and Stones

Child Intermediate Small Group
4th- Throwback Love

Child Competitive Small Group
4th- Rhythm

Child Intermediate Large Group
2nd- A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Junior Intermediate Solo
2nd- Call Me A Princess- Paris Ortiz

Junior Intermediate Duo/Trio
5th- Eyes On Fire

Junior Competitive Large Group
5th- Stitches

Teen Competitive Solo
6th- Shallows- Samantha Barboza
7th- Summertime- Anastazja Kubajek
8th-Baby Girl- Lexi Tabor
9th- Uphill Battle- Tori Cheyenne

Teen Competitive Duo/Trio
3rd- Find A Place
8th-Happy Days Are Here Again

Teen Competitive Small Group
7th- Heaven I Know

Teen Competitive Large Group
2nd- Leave The Light On
5th- Holy Moses
7th- De-Escalating the Storm

Teen Class Competitive

Senior Competitive Solo
10th- Grow- Jade Kelly Carter

Portsmouth, VA

Steller Success Award- Encore Dance Center
Vicki Sheer Award- Frankie Campos
Choreography- Limitless Love- Chris Houston
Steller Success Award- Encore Dance Center
Fantastic Technique- Thunder
On Point Award- Heist
Exceeding Expectations- Hit The Road Jack
Control & Strength & Standing Ovation- Find A Place
Dazzling Smile- Brooke Petronis- Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
Powerhouse & Wow-Frankie Campos- I Want You Back
Fabulous Extensions- Samantha Barboza- Shallows
Shine Like A Diamond- Anastazja Kubajek- I Got You
First Class Entertainer- Cayden Kelly-Carter- Chain Hang Low
Reaching for The Stars- Rock The Mic
Sass & Class- Holy Moses

Jazz- Down With Love
Modern- De-Escalating The Storm
Hip Hop-Put It Down
Specialty- Thunder
Tap- Happy

½ SCHOLARSHIPS- Sam Barboza, Luke Moen, Frankie Campos
¼ SCHOLARSHIPS-Cayden Kelly-Carter, Bella Henriquez, Emma Wynkoop, Jade Kelly-Carter, Kaitlin Critides, Kiana Lakin, Lexi Tabor, Rosie Nelson, Grace Hewlett

Small Wonder Solo
2nd- Why Cant You Dance With Me Like That- Kira Lakin

Small Wonder Duo
1st- Pencil Full of Lead
2nd- Broadway Baby
3rd- Teach Me How To Shimmy

Small Wonder Small Group
1st- Banana Split for My Baby
2nd-Good Vibrations

Small Wonder Large Group
1st- A Dream Is A Wish

Junior Solo
1st- I Want You Back- Frankie Campos
2nd-Call Me A Princess- Paris Ortiz
4th- Rainbow- Grace Hewlett
5th- Wonderland- Kiana Lakin

Junior Duo
1st- Down With Love
2nd- Sticks and Stones
3rd- Weird People
5th- Stand By Me

Junior Trio
1st- Shake The Room

Junior Small Group
1st- Limitless Love
2nd- Rhythm

Pre-Teen Solo
3rd- Forever Young- Abigail Wynegar
4th-The Golden Touch- Emma Jones

Pre-Teen Duo
3rd- Witches
4th-Fly Girls

Pre-Teen Trio
2nd- It Don’t Mean A Thing
3rd- Eyes On Fire

Pre-Teen Small Group
3rd- Tell Him
4th- Dirty Jazz
6th- Word Up

Pre-Teen Large Group
1st- Stitches
4th- Runaway Baby
5th-TIE- Sing & Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Teen Solo
2nd- Shallows- Samantha Barboza
3rd- Primpin’ Aint Easy- Darren McClellan
5th-TIE- The Janitor- Josh Holland
5th-TIE- Summertime- Anastazja Kubajek

Teen Duo
1st- Put It Down
2nd- Thunder
4th- Hey Mami
5th- Hit The Road Jack Remix

Teen Trio
1st- Happy
2nd- Find A Place
3rd- The Purge

Teen Group
2nd-Heaven I Know
5th- Fly

Teen Large Group
2nd-Leave The Light On
3rd- Holy Moses
4th- Rock The Mic
5th- De-escalating the Storm

Senior Solo
3rd- Grow- Jade Kelly-Carter
4th- Never Tear Us Apart- Jade Kelly-Carter

13 & Over Production
1st- The Addams Family
2nd- Elvis