Office Staff

Office Manager- Tami Morse

Business Manager- Bobby Holland

Marketer/Event Planner- Jaime Popard

Company Director- Diane Holland

Company Billing- Savanna Ruis

Tori Gross

​Anastazja Kubajek

​Gwennie Jones

Madison Jones

​Lexi Tabor

Estelle Servidad

Our volunteer Trainee Program  is made up of dedicated dancers in levels IVB and V of our competition team, ages 12 and up, who want to learn to become assistant instructors and dance instructors.  If you are interested in becoming a trainee, please email Miss Jaime at dance@encoredancecenter.com for consideration.  

Emma Wynkoop

Samantha Barboza

Grace Galvez

Isabella Squatrito

​Rosie Nelson

​Madeline Critides



Assistant Instructors

Madeline Kane

​Marissa Robles

​Easton Nguyen

​Alexandra Marques